Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist Preparation

If you are preparing for Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist and you don’t know where to start then you’re at the right place to start your next goal 🙂 The course itself recommended by Magento here. I will try to cover all the topics in detail.

First thing first, check the exam guide here.

Managing Your Magento 2 Store

Unit 1: Introduction

Unit 2: Catalog Management

Unit 3: Products

Unit 4: Catalog Presentation

Unit 5: Customers

Unit 6: Setting Up Business Operations and Fulfilment

Unit 7: Content and Marketing

Unit 8: SEO and Customer Engagement

Questions to ask yourself while studying:

  • What is the difference between omnichannel and multichannel retailing?
  • How can you set up a product catalog for best search results, taking into account issues of duplicate content, meta content, meta title, keyword search terms in product description, attribute weight, and so on?
  • What is a “canonical link element”?
  • What “social merchandising” techniques and tools are used in ecommerce?
  • When is TLS (SSL) required when transacting data online?
  • What is PA-DSS? When should PA-DSS be applied?
  • What are typical omnichannel challenges?
  • What is the process for getting a site certified as PCI-compliant?
  • What are best practices for protecting ecommerce user data?
  • What are the best usability practices when building an online catalog and checkout system?
  • What are the main characteristics of Agile and Waterfall development methodologies?
  • What are SMART requirements?
  • What are the requirements of the European Union “cookie law”?
  • What does the acronym MOSCOW stand for? How is it used?
  • What are the unique advantages of Magento 2 architecture when building a site?
  • What are the two methods available in the Magento 2 Admin (in the Content section) to change the design of a site?
  • How can you change the layout of catalog pages using Magento 2 Admin functionality?
  • How is product data constructed in Magento 2 (product attributes, inventory, price, images, etc.)?
  • When does product inventory change (decrease) during the ordering process? How can an administrator control the inventory change?
  • What is the Returns (RMA) functionality in Magento 2, and what are the RMA types?
  • What are the required attributes for creating a CMS page using Magento Admin functionality?
  • What is the process for creating a product, and which catalog data is used in this process?
  • How is the price defined for a product, and what methods are available for changing product price using Magento 2 Admin functionality?
  • What are main differences in Magento indexing between Magento Open Source 2 and Magento Commerce 2?
  • What marketing and merchandising features are available only in Magento Commerce?
  • What payment methods and payment functionality are available in Magento Commerce but not in Magento Open Source?
  • What are the features and functions of Magento Commerce (Cloud)?
  • What are the differences between Elasticsearch and Solr?
  • What is caching and why is it important?
  • When would you recommend sharding a database?
  • What is Bluefoot?
  • What functions are included in B2B? In Magento Business Intelligence?
  • How are cookies used in Magento 2?
  • Which customer data is saved in cookies, and how is it used in the storefront using Magento native functionality?
  • What is Swagger, and how is it used in Magento?
  • How is role scope used? In which section of the Admin are most initial configuration options located?
  • How do you set a banner to appear on a specific date?
  • How do you preview the result of setting content to appear at a future time?
  • What are the different product types in Magento Commerce?
  • What are the minimum attributes to create a simple product?
  • What is the product attribute set used for in Magento 2? Can you have different product types using the same attribute set?
  • What is the process of creating layered navigation (including category creation and attributes, product attribute types, and product–category associations)?
  • What are the different ways in which an Admin user can update product inventory?
  • How can you display associated products in the cart and on the product page?
  • How can you create page redirects for specific search requests?
  • Can a customer submit a JPG image with a product review?
  • What are the options for displaying a product video?
  • How can you create a product discount to have it automatically added in the shopping cart?
  • Can guest customers place orders?
  • Can customers ship products to multiple addresses using native Magento 2 functionality?
  • How can a customer register an account when placing an order?
  • Can shopping cart products be shared among different websites?
  • What are the different shopping cart promotion types, and how can shoppers apply them as discounts?
  • How does the persistent shopping cart option work in Magento 2?
  • Does Magento Commerce functionality allow merchants to contact shoppers about their abandoned shopping carts?
  • What are the different payment types available in Magento Commerce? Are all the same payment types available in Magento Open Source?
  • Does Magento 2 save credit card numbers in the database when the Authorize.Net payment method is used?
  • For which product types can the Magento 2 recurring profile be enabled?
  • Where can the PayPal Express payment method be used on a Magento 2 site (on which pages)?
  • What is the difference between the Authorize Only and Authorize and Capture payment actions?
  • Can a storefront customer select a delivery date when placing an order with the Table Rates shipping option?
  • What shipping methods are available natively in Magento Commerce?
  • What options are available for offering a customer free shipping when placing an order?
  • How is the shipping cost calculated for the DHL and Table Rates methods?
  • Which product types do not require any shipping cost?
  • Can a customer apply a coupon on the order review page?
  • Is it possible to change product quantity during checkout, on the order review page?
  • What is a gift certificate, and how can it be used?
  • When an order is saved in the Magento 2 database, what triggers a confirmation email to a customer who pays using PayPal Express? (Logging in to the PayPal account? Clicking the Checkout button? Clicking the Purchase button?)
  • When an Admin user is editing a pending order, which order data can be changed?
  • What are the different order statuses available in Magento 2, and how can they be managed by a store owner?
  • What are the different methods of creating an order in Magento 2 (such as one-page checkout, multiple addresses checkout, backend create order, Web Services API, etc.)?
  • Does Magento 2 native logic allow for partial shipment or partial payment of an order, and if so, what are the conditions for using this functionality?
  • When processing an order, at what point does the order become complete?
  • What are three major security features in native Magento Commerce, and are the same features available in Magento Open Source?
  • What is the data encryption / hashing key management method used in Magento Commerce? Is the same method used in Magento Open Source?
  • Where can a merchant find Magento 2 extensions?
  • What are the two ways of installing an extension in Magento 2?
  • How can a Magento 2 Admin user disable an extension using Admin functionality?
  • When is a customization required?
  • How can customer groups be used in assigning discounts?
  • What are the differences between customer segments and customer groups?
  • Using Magento Commerce native functionality, how could you display a personalized banner targeted to customers who match specific conditions?
  • How can you display a telephone number in a page footer using Admin functionality?
  • Does a layout change of a category page from one column to three columns require a customization?
  • Which of the following changes requires a code customization: Displaying a banner in the page content area, changing a footer link, changing a product page layout from one column to two columns
  • Does creating a product price attribute require a customization, or can this be achieved using native Magento 2 functionality?
  • Could you create a “How did you hear about us?” customer attribute to collect customer data during purchase and export it to a CSV file using native functionality?
  • Which Magento 2 feature can be used to display different content depending on customer type/group?
  • How can product attributes be used when creating shopping cart discounts?
  • How is the use of shopping cart coupon codes tracked with Magento 2 native logic?
  • What are the three common methods of creating product price discounts?
  • How could you create a product price discount and display a related “on sale” banner on listing pages using Magento Commerce functionality?
  • Which customer and product data can be imported and exported using Magento 2 native logic?
  • What is the process of creating a product in Magento 2 using product import functionality?
  • What product types can be created in Magento Commerce 2.x using product import functionality?
  • Can you add an image to a product using Magento 2 product import functionality?
  • If several reports are not up-to-date, how can you remedy this?
  • In which formats can the Abandoned Carts report data be exported?
  • Transactional email templates are comprised of a mixture of which three languages?
  • Where do you set an email action against a template?
  • What are some of the methods used to gather requirements?
  • In a multisite infrastructure, what is the reach of “Global” scope?
  • What is required to display prices in several currencies?
  • Why would a merchant enable cross-border taxes?
  • What is meant by “Master Data Record”?
  • How might customer segmentation be used with product discounts?
  • What is Personally Identifiable Information?
  • How do the European Union (EU) requirements for data protection differ from US requirements?
  • What are VAT and digital VAT?
  • Does a software company based in the US need to charge EU customers VAT on its downloadable products?
  • In UX terms, what is meant by a “Persona”?
  • In UX terms, what is meant by a triple A (“AAA”) rating?
  • A customer wants to display a CMS block on category pages. What would be the most efficient way to implement that?
  • What payment method(s) would you recommend as the easiest technical solution to satisfy PCI requirements?
  • A customer wants the ability to preview product information pages in the production environment before making them live. Which Magento Commerce feature would you recommend to satisfy this need?
  • A merchant uses a Magento 2 system, along with other online interfaces, as part of a multichannel business, and the merchant uses a business intelligence application to aggregate data from all these systems. Which native features would allow the merchant to integrate
  • Magento with this application?
  • In what two ways can a Returns process be invoked?
  • A merchant wants to integrate Magento 2 with an order management system. What native features would they need to use to achieve this?
  • A merchant has left all the image alt tags blank throughout the site. Why is this a bad idea, and what would you recommend?

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