How to remove default footer links in Magento 2 ?

It is very common requirement to remove the default links from the footer. You can’t remove the Search Terms, Privacy and Cookie Policy, Advanced Search, Orders and Returns & Contact Us from Magento Admin. They all are coming from the respective module in the Magento.

Lume Theme Footer Links

Search Terms is added via module Magento_Search.

Privacy and Cookie Policy is added via module Magento_Cms.

Advanced Search is added via module Magento_CatalogSearch.

Orders and Returns is added via module Magento_Sales.

Contact Us is added via module Magento_Contact.

If you want to remove all the links update your default.xml.

If you want to remove the particular link then update your default.xml with this.

Hope this is helpful. Please share your comment or feedback below. Cheers!