What kind of customer attributes can be created?

  • Text Field – A single-line text field.
  • Text Area – A multi-line text area.
  • Multiple Line – Creates multiple text lines for the attribute, similar to a multi-line street address. The number of separate data entry lines can be from 2 to 20.
  • Date – Displays a date field with a pop-up calendar.
  • Dropdown – A drop-down list that accepts only one value to be selected.
  • Multiple Select – A drop-down list that accepts multiple values to be selected.
  • Yes/No – A field that offers only a choice of Yes or No values.
  • File (attachment) – A field that allows a file to be uploaded and associated with the customer attribute as an attachment.
  • Image File – A field that allows an image to be uploaded to the gallery and associated with the customer attribute.

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